How to land a job with opensource | Gautham Krishna (RedHat)


  • got started with duckduck go. got in earlier and after consistent involvement got it as a maintainer.
  • did community memeber and hosted lot of workshops
  • winner of github india grand award. (explain what that is)
  • he got this because of his portfollio of projects
  • gautamkrishnar/tcso: Try Catch Stack overflow (TcSo)
  • gautamkrishnar/nothing-private
  • gautamkrishnar/blog-post-workflow
  • All these projects have been really impactfull and have lots of stars. He got lots off attentions
  • how to get attentions - they key to a successful project
  • Readme is important - a good project discription (should be a hook) - then do a 1-2 line pitch in the first para. This should grab the users attention. put an image after that.
  • then give the concreate steps to try it out. Don’t pitch anything else, just tell them how to use your project.
  • share it in reddit r/github, r/coolgithubprojects twitter, put it in hackernews
  • the community is the key. Once you cultivate it that is the key.
  • redhat open culture - the coolest part of working at redhat
  • The Open Organization: Igniting Passion and Performance